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q&a: lisa delp, executive director of ohio third frontier

Startup veteran and Ohio native Lisa Delp was recently appointed Ohio Third Frontier's new Executive Director. In this interview, she discusses how far we've come in creating a vibrant entrepreneurial ecosystem, and how Ohio Third Frontier's new focus areas will help grow our high tech economy.

Ohio's aerospace industry evolves into quiet giant

The Wright Brothers may have gotten things started, but over the last century thousands of players have quietly built an aerospace and aviation economy that may surprise you in its reach.

Q&A: Dayton Development Coalition's Colleen Ryan on Ohio's aerospace hub

In 2009, Dayton was named the state's Aerospace Hub, a designation designed to prompt additional investments in the region's -- and the state's -- aerospace industry. Colleen Ryan, the Dayton Development Coalition's VP of aerospace and defense, discusses the traits that have made the Dayton region a center of attention for flight, research and commercialization of new aviation and aerospace technologies.

Ohio Aerospace Institute: connecting the dots since 1989

It doesn't always make the news. It's seldom in the limelight. But working behind the scenes, the Ohio Aerospace Institute is a facilitator -- a bridge builder -- the caulking in the cracks.

Miami Valley soars on wings of Wright-Patterson Air Force Base

If you think Wright-Patterson Air Force Base is merely a parking lot for planes and a layover for enlistees, you're as wrong at the folks who told Orville and Wilbur "it'll never fly." That's because behind those gates, alongside those hangers, buzzing in those offices, is a mega-engine of business that's critical to the Ohio economy.

GE Aviation project highlights company-community partnership

Decades after Orville Wright helped dedicate a facility that grew to become GE Aviation's headquarters in Evendale, the complex is poised for a transformation that will bring its work environment in line with the today's globally competitive landscape.

Video: Buckeye Bullet 2 breaks land speed record

The Venturi Buckeye Bullet 2 is a hydrogen fuel cell-powered vehicle designed to break the land speed record for electric vehicles. In September, the car -- designed and built by Ohio State University students working at the OSU Center for Automotive Research -- did just that, surpassing 300 mph. Watch how the run unfolded.

8 Articles | Page:
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