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fast company calls out cleveland's growing tech scene

Fast Company calls out Cleveland in its article on 15 Tech Scenes in Places You'd Never Think to Look.

how tech startups are driving urban revitalization

The young leaders behind startup companies want to live in cities, argues venture capitalist Mark Suster in this insightful article in Business Insider.

abs materials receives grant to advance absorbent glass materials to recycle produced water

The National Science Foundation (NSF) has awarded a 2012 SBIR IIB Grant of $497,404 to ABSMaterials, Inc., parent company of PWAbsorbents, Inc., to accelerate the commercial capacity to manufacture advanced materials for recycling produced, frac and flowback waters. Read the article here.

moving home is the new key to success, says slate

The economy has young people boomeranging back to flyover country cities to live cheap and chase their dreams. Read the full article here.

crowdfunding brings venture capital to the masses

Nearly $1.5 billion was raised for over a million different campaigns around the world last year by 452 different crowdfunding sites, according to a recent industry report from research firm Massolution.

That number is expected to grow exponentially once US regulators approve a recently-passed law that allows regular people to buy stock in a startup company using crowdfunding.

Read the full story here.

starbucks turns to ohio, not china, for coffee mugs

For Ohio pottery, a small revival. Read the full story here.

advice from cleveland's top vc exec: hire older workers

You don’t need to put down roots in New York or Silicon Valley to thrive in business today. John Dearborn, president of the nonprofit VC JumpStart Inc., offers three tips for maximizing resources in a mid-sized city. Read the full story here.

college grads flock to some cities, foregoing others

There is a growing disparity among cities that have a surfeit of college graduates, like Washington, and those, like Dayton, Ohio, that are trying to attract more grads, an analysis by the Brookings Institution indicated. College graduates are increasingly important economic drivers, particularly in cities that have largely lost their manufacturing sectors and the accessible jobs they provide.

Read the story here.

now coveted: a walkable, convenient place

WALKING isn’t just good for you. It has become an indicator of your socioeconomic status. Read the full story here.

UT center for materials and sensor characterization works with BioOhio to advance research

For the past five years, UT has been an active member of BioOhio, a nonprofit bioscience membership and development organization committed to connecting demand for biological products and services with Ohio entities that can fill those needs.

The UT Technology Transfer Office, BioOhio and other organizations play a critical role in connecting the University’s research initiatives to companies with the knowledge, experience and financial stability to bring the fruits of that research to the marketplace.

Read the full story here.

innovation showcase highlights Athens area's leadership

To hear it from venture capitalist David Wilhelm, Athens is an emerging bell cow in Appalachia for entrepreneurship and technology investment.

Wilhelm, an Ohio University grad who served as chair of the Democratic National Committee in 1993-94, has managed campaigns for Bill Clinton, Paul Simon, Joe Biden and Richard M. Daley, and who now runs a venture capital firm, keynoted the BioVenture & Innovation Showcase at OU on Thursday.

Read the full article here.

leaders explore potential of health research as key economic driver for columbus and state of ohio

Last year, more than $710 million in federal funding from the National Institutes of Health (NIH) flowed into Ohio by way of its major research institutes including the Wexner Medical Center at Ohio State, Battelle, OhioHealth and the Research Institute at Nationwide Children’s. The state ranked 10th in the nation in NIH funding, which is a closely watched metric in academic, business and political circles.  Now civic, business and economic development leaders are focusing their attentions on how to translate these research dollars into jobs and revenue.  Click here to read the full article.
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