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Q&A: Dean Monske on northwest Ohio's growing international successes

In late February, Dean Monske was named president and CEO of the Regional Growth Partnership, the Toledo-based nonprofit development corporation that serves northwest Ohio. Since then, Monske -- a former RGP vice president who left for a year to serve as Toledo Mayor Mike Bell's deputy mayor for external relations -- has hit the ground running. Last month, the RGP announced two new field offices in, of all places, China.

Q&A: Agricultural Incubator Foundation’s Bernie Scott describes ag entrepreneurship efforts

Agriculture Incubator Foundation Chairman Bernie Scott is no stranger to the field of food and agriculture. His devotion to the land and its capabilities grew while participating in 4-H and FFA (then called Future Farmers of America), earning degrees in agriculture and agricultural education from Ohio State University (he was OSU's 2009 Alumni Citizenship Award winner), and working as an ag teacher in the Otsego School District. Here, he fills us in on the foundation and its work with agricultural entrepreneurs.

Some of the greenest companies in Ohio tell how they did it -- and why

Green has always been a popular color in the business world. It's the color of money, after all. But green has new meaning to Ohio's corporate community. It means saving the earth, and what's good for the planet can be good for the bottom line as well.

Ohio glass industry looks to regain form through innovation, diversification

Once a dominating global player, Ohio's glass industry has been battered by increased foreign competition and changes in the American economy. Now, it is looking to innovation and diversification to regain the foothold that made it one of Ohio's most prominant industries.

God save the queens

About one third of the food we eat is either directly or indirectly tied to honeybee crop pollination. Bees are under attack, however, by both manmade and natural forces. To help save them, Ohio beekeepers are breeding stronger queens that can withstand the stress our human lifestyles are placing on them.

Shaking off the rust: How Ohio’s manufacturing base is on the rise

Think manufacturing is dead in Ohio? Think again. Nearly 20,000 manufacturing jobs have been added across the state during the last year, according to a report recently released by the U.S. Congress Joint Economic Committee. Companies are posting profits again in their quarterly reports. And all signs say the manufacturing uptick is likely to continue.

Carpe Ventum (Seize the Wind)

There are far windier places in the United State than Ohio, but there may be few better to site a wind farm. Readers, take notice: The wind industry is alive and growing in Ohio.

Food movement is for real as Ohioans, producers, go local

Thousands of Ohioans are flocking to the farm, the farmers market and to restaurants to support locally grown produce. It's a bona fide movement, taking place all over the state — where a local farmer is just around the corner.

Q&A: David Beck helps us sift through CIFT

Since 1995, the Center for Innovative Food Technology (CIFT) has helped companies involved in some of Ohio's largest and most economically significant industries: food production, processing, packaging. But the center's work reaches all across Ohio's agribusiness universe and it seems no part is left untouched, from research, to local food initiatives to advanced energy. David Beck, CIFT's president and CEO, spoke to us about some of the work CIFT is doing.

Q&A: Steven Weathers gives an inside look at the future of northwest Ohio

Steven Weathers, president and CEO of the Regional Growth Partnership, knows that the automotive industry isn't likely to come back to northwest Ohio anytime soon — and he's OK with that.

Community colleges power transition to new economy jobs

Josh LaBonte can make a claim few graduating college students can these days: When he walks through Lorain County Community College's commencement later this month, he has two jobs waiting.

Video: The ins and outs of one wind tower installation

In late October, Owens Community College in northwestern Ohio installed its second wind turbine. Take a look as workers put the finishing touches on this gigantic structure.

New technologies, Twitter, reshape how farmers work and connect

While the image of farmer Brown milking a cow from a stool may linger in the imagination, old Bessie today is more likely to make her way through a sophisticated milking parlor wearing an electronic collar -- not a bell. And while the image of farmer Brown may be one of a humble man in overalls, his world today is one of college degrees, self-steering combines, and use of Twitter and Facebook as a way to connect with other farmers and a hungry population.

Old neighborhoods emerge from ashes as hip centers of growth

Ohio neighborhoods are finding a second – or third – life as hip, new attractions for business, families and young professionals. Drawing on a combination of historic preservation and interest an urban lifestyle -- and tapping into corporate investment and state aid -- more than a dozen such neighborhoods have risen from the ashes

Q&A: Ohio Sea Grant's Jeffrey Reutter explains the economic importance of Lake Erie

Ohio has a monumental stake in what happens to Lake Erie. Invasive species, algal blooms, chemical runoff and climate change all have the potential to stagger the economic engine that generates thousands of Ohio jobs. Since 1978, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration has turned to Ohio State University -- which operates one of 30 Sea Grant College Programs around the country -- for some of the answers to Erie's most pressing problems. hiVelocity asked Program Director Dr. Jeffrey M. Reutter about the role the OSU Sea Grant Program plays in Ohio's economy.
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