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Building up STEAM: Adding the arts into STEM education efforts

Right brain versus left brain? The age-old myth has some modern day challengers. New STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) advocates are calling for arts integration -- and the movement is building as schools across Ohio use the arts to enhance creativity and problem-solving.

High school entrepreneurs reach for the stars with new businesses

Entrepreneurial programs across Ohio are opening doors for high school students, who are forging their own futures as well as Ohio's by turning their unsinkable energy and fresh ideas into real-world businesses.

Research giant Battelle flies under radar, but reach is worldwide

Despite its status as the world's largest independent research and development organization and the creator of such ubiquitous products as compact discs and UPC codes, few people understand what Battelle is or its importance to Ohio. 

Businesses buy into STEM

What began with the establishment of Columbus's Metro Early College High School in 2006 has grown into a statewide network of STEM schools that turn the traditional classroom on its head. While STEM stands for science, technology, engineering and math, the schools take a broader view, instead working to impart ALL 21st century skills needed for our economy and our communities. One key element in the evolution of Ohio's STEM schools is the partnership between business and education.   

Q&A: Steve Krak on the Ohio STEM Learning Network

In 2006, Battelle, in partnership with The Ohio State University and KnowledgeWorks, opened Ohio's first STEM school, setting the stage for what became the Ohio STEM Learning Network. hiVelocity spoke to Steve Krak, Battelle's program manager for the network, about OSLN and the business case for STEM learning.

Air Camp: a new effort to whet the aerospace appetities of Ohio's kids

In June and July, middle students will descend on Dayton for Air Camp, an effort to spark the interest of Ohio's young people in aerospace and aviation. Sponsored by numerous colleges and universities, foundations and businesses, organizers say kids "will experience the rich and exciting aviation and educational resources in the Dayton region." Take a look.

Video: Teach me how to factor

Good math skills are essential for many of the jobs emerging in Ohio's high-tech economy. Yet, every math teacher has struggled at times to make figures and formulas seem relevant to young people. Now, a couple of hip-hop inclined teachers at Westerville South High School have a new way to engage their students. Yo check it out.

Q&A: MAGNET's Daniel Berry on the changing environment for manufacturers

For nearly 30 years, the Manufacturing Advocacy and Growth Network, or MAGNET, has served as the state's Edison Center charged with providing resources and advocacy for manufacturers in the northeast Ohio region. It's also the designated Edison Center for the state's automotive industry. hiVelocity spoke with Daniel E. Berry, MAGNET's president and CEO, about how manufacturing is faring these days.

NSBE nurtures pipeline, retention, of Ohio engineers

Of the 10,000 or so African American students who enroll in U.S. engineering programs each year, fewer than 3,500 graduate with engineering degrees. The National Society of Black Engineers wants to change that, and one of its targets is Ohio.

Video: The importance of STEM

STEM education -- the integration of science, technology, engineering and math into every facet of learning -- is on the rise in Ohio.  This video, from the Ohio STEM Learning Network, explains the importance of STEM.

Four year's later, Columbus' Tech Corridor powers on with new approach

Four years ago, a grand plan was rolled out for the "315 Research and Technology Corridor," one that envisioned coordinated, concentrated development of high-tech industry in an area roughly along Columbus's I-315. Since then, development has taken another course -- one that shows that the vision, if not the original game plan, is still alive.

Ohio Aerospace Institute: connecting the dots since 1989

It doesn't always make the news. It's seldom in the limelight. But working behind the scenes, the Ohio Aerospace Institute is a facilitator -- a bridge builder -- the caulking in the cracks.

STEM program STEPPS into Dayton's core to prepare next wave of high-tech professionals

For President George H. W. Bush, it was one of a "1,000 points of light." But for some Dayton kids, a program focused on getting inner city students into math and science careers is a pathway to a new future.
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