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Ohio's supercomputer: 154 trillion calculations per second

A massive computer cluster housed in the Ohio Supercomputer Center operates at staggering speeds--and businesses large and small around the state are using the digital giant to break through technological barriers.

Symbiotic economics: Ohio's corporate establishment meets the startup community

Ohio's biggest names in business give back to the state's economic ecosystem by lending a helping hand to startups and entrepreneurs.

Founder Focus: Matt Braun of Magnate Interactive

Toledo entrepreneur Matt Braun is on fire with a red hot new social game app, SketchParty TV.

Bringing their talents to Ohio: entrepreneurs flock to the Buckeye State

In growing numbers, fresh-faced entrepreneurs are passing over the coasts and points in between and choosing Ohio to plant and nurture their startups. The state's dazzling array of come-hither accelerators, incubators and advocates make the choice a natural.

ohio-based innovators have some app-solutely good ideas for a crowded market

Every budding app developer wants to create an overnight success, yet in a saturated market, it's increasingly hard to for them to stand out and get noticed. Still, the longshot odds haven't stopped several industrious Ohioans from taking a whack at the crowded app space -- including our youngest entrepreneur, who is only seven years old.
5 Articles | Page:
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