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toledo/northwest ohio: Growing Companies

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Bolt Express

Bolt Express is an integrated transportation solutions provider for reliable expedite, truckload, air freight and flatbed services. The company serves delivery points throughout North America, as well as Canada and Mexico.

2000 Cassandra Drive
Toledo, OH 43611

Dovetail Solar

Founded in 1995, Dovetail Solar and Wind began modestly, installing solar systems for rural-Ohio residents seeking to go off-the-grid.

2600 Dorr St.
Toledo, OH 43606

Midwest MicroDevices

Chris Melkonian, the CEO and founder of Midwest MicroDevices, says if you don't know too much about micro-electro mechanical systems, or MEMs, that's OK. He thinks you will soon enough.

329 N. 14th St.
Toledo, OH 43604

Nextronex Power Systems

A solar array gathers sunlight for electricity. But something has to convert that energy from direct current to alternating current before it can be fed into an electric power grid. Toledo-based Nextronex Power Systems says it has come up with a simpler and more efficient way of doing that.

4400 Moline Martin Road
Toledo, OH 43447


What began as an Internet service provider in 2001 has blossomed into one of the fastest growing tech companies in the country.

323 S. Main St.
Findlay, OH 45840

Branam Oral Health Technologies

Founded in 2008 by Dr. Stephen R. Branam, a local dentist with a big idea and 30 years of experience, Branam Oral Health Technologies, of Oregon, Ohio, is poised for a national market.

3140 Dustin Road
Oregon, OH 43616


On Front Street in East Toledo, sandwiched between two abandoned buildings, LexaMed -- a medical and pharmaceutical company -- opened for business with eight employees in 2006. It hasn't looked back.

705 Front Street
Toledo, OH 43605

7 toledo/northwest ohio Companies | Page:
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