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michigan model inspires cintrifuse in cincinnati

Chris Rizik isn’t just an investor; he’s a connector.

Rizik runs Michigan’s Renaissance Venture Capital Fund, which served as the model for Cintrifuse’s fund of funds, which is seeking to raise $50 million to $100 million.

Cintrifuse is the regional innovation effort created by the Cincinnati Business Committee to successfully launch high-growth start­ups.

So far, Renaissance Venture Capital Fund has raised $110 million through investments by Michigan’s major corporations.

Instead of investing directly in startups, Rizik invests that money into other venture capital funds. The idea is to maximize the amount of venture capital for Michigan startups.

Choosing funds is only part of Rizik’s job as CEO and fund manager. He’s also helping connect venture capital firms, startups, entrepreneurs and big Michigan companies looking for new technologies and solutions.

It’s a job description that Tim Schigel, Cintrifuse’s fund manager, says he plans to emulate.

Rizik recently spoke to The Enquirer about how the Renaissance Venture Capital Fund works, why it’s been successful, and why he’s so excited about Cintrifuse.

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