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OSU students develop alternative to Facebook with more privacy

On Facebook, Allan Karl has 642 friends, 128 likes and 405 photos. But you wouldn’t know this if you searched for him by his actual name: Allan Smith.

Smith, a sophomore at Ohio University, switched to using his first and middle name on Facebook to carve out more privacy and make himself harder to find, especially for employers.

As more people like Smith seek more privacy, two Ohio State students have created a new social media site that revolves around providing it.

Dustin Studer, a junior in biomedical engineering, and Suprasanna Mishra, a junior in neuroscience, launched Capstory.com on Oct. 1.

“We wanted to give complete control to the user so they can do whatever they want with their content and not have to worry,” Studer said.

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moving home is the new key to success, says slate

The economy has young people boomeranging back to flyover country cities to live cheap and chase their dreams. Read the full article here.

advice from cleveland's top vc exec: hire older workers

You don’t need to put down roots in New York or Silicon Valley to thrive in business today. John Dearborn, president of the nonprofit VC JumpStart Inc., offers three tips for maximizing resources in a mid-sized city. Read the full story here.

college grads flock to some cities, foregoing others

There is a growing disparity among cities that have a surfeit of college graduates, like Washington, and those, like Dayton, Ohio, that are trying to attract more grads, an analysis by the Brookings Institution indicated. College graduates are increasingly important economic drivers, particularly in cities that have largely lost their manufacturing sectors and the accessible jobs they provide.

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4 Talent Dividend Articles | Page:
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