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Microsoft BizSpark's Silicon Valley News features Chagrin Falls-based Pixsi

Amazing ideas often come from concerns we find in our everyday lives. That piece of wisdom rings especially true for Pixsi, a new consumer-centric mobile marketing company whose headquarters are located in Chagrin Falls, Ohio. Over the past few months, I've had the opportunity to watch Pixsi grow first-hand. As a Startup Technologist for Microsoft, I see many startups growing on a daily basis. Pixsi is unique and a brilliant model example for entrepreneurs. Here are some takeaways that you can learn from Scott Andrews, the CEO of Pixsi.

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How SXSW enhanced Lisnr

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Impulcity nightlife app goes live on iTunes as a Cincinnati startup

We told you about Impulcity lo’ these many months ago, way back in May 2012, under the unapologetically hyperbolic headline, “Impulcity the next Facebook?”

Today, the Louisville-born app went live on the iTunes app store about noon, Louisville time.

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3 Apps Articles | Page:
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