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venueseen allows restaurant owners to capture, analyze social media reviews

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Getting real-time feedback from customers via social media might be very valuable for restaurant owners. Thanks to VenueSeen, which launched on April 17, that information is now easily available to them.

VenueSeen shows restaurant owners who is saying what about their business on FourSquare, Instagram, Foodspotting and other social media websites. The software also aggregates any photos that are taken at the restaurant.

Family or friends dining out might take a photo and make a positive comment or give the venue a big thumbs down. What diners post may present a marketing opportunity or the need to remedy an unpleasant dining experience.

“Photos and comments form a brand’s social identity,” explains Brian Zuercher, ceo of FlyMuch, the parent company of VenueSeen. “What we’re offering is original content and photos to restaurant owners. It’s good to be aware of what’s being said about your business, and photos add visual content.”
According to Zuercher, VenueSeen gathers what’s posted about a restaurant on those three social platforms so that the owners can see, track, analyze, connect and compare the information in a meaningful way. “Owners can use this content to help them have a consistent message communicated across the board,” he notes. “The information can also help them collect feedback, show appreciation, respond to suggestions and interact with their customers online.”

FlyMuch began in the consumer travel industry. Based on feedback gleaned from its experiences in that field, the company launched VenueSeen for restaurants.  VenueSeen's clients currently include some independent restaurants, the Macaroni Grill restaurant chain and a food store in London.

FlyMuch has three full-time and two contract employees and plans to hire five more full-time employees by the end of 2012. The company has received funding from the Ohio TechAngels Fund.

Source:  Brian Zuercher
Writer:  Lynne Meyer
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