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tesla nanocoatings is set to expand to new markets with help of new hires

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Tesla NanoCoatings is expanding to new markets in response to growing demand from the oil and gas industry for Teslan, a corrosion control coating for structural steel developed in collaboration with the U.S. Army Engineer Research and Development Center.  

"Right now we are collaborating with the Department of Defense, the world's largest aerospace manufacturers, and several of the top 10 global oil and gas producers," explains Managing Director Todd Hawkins. "They all grasp the potential and promise of our coating technology."

Hawkins adds that the grand opening of their new Research Center at Stark State College will also help them develop new applications for new markets. Details are being held due to competitive reasons, but Hawkins is happy to introduce three new management employees hired as a result of the company's growth after a successful first five years -- Michael Wright, retired Colonel Stephen Stohla and Charlie Simpson.

"Both Mike and Steve bring us a wealth of experience within the Army Facilities Command, Army Engineers and National Guard," says Hawkins, noting Stohla's extensive military background. "Charlie brings an added level of expertise to further bolster our already robust new product development process. We anticipate launch of two to three additional game-changing protective coatings in the next year."

Hawkins praises Tesla's technology, employees and partners for their continued success and growth, adding a bright forecast for their growing industry in the state. "In history, there has never been a better time or place than in Ohio now to do what we are doing."

Source: Todd Hawkins
Writer: Joe Baur
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