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Jacqueline Williams tapped to lead minority business division at Ohio Development Services Agency

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Jacqueline Williams is taking her years of private and public sector experience to the helm of the Ohio Development Services Agency’s Minority Business Division.
Williams will leave the position of Executive Director at the Ohio Liquor Control Commission and begin her new role with hopes of reaching out and connecting with various departments that can offer different insights on how to best do her job.
“As I look in Ohio, the diversity and range of people who live in the state are clearly a strong asset,” says Williams. “I think we start with more of a foundation than many other places, and I think the goal here is that we can capitalize on all the value our differences bring to the table.” Williams believes utilizing our differences will be a strong force in the continued growth of Ohio’s economic vitality.
Williams’ previous work at the Ohio Tuition Trust and the New America Foundation dealt largely in financial preparation and affordability for college. “I worked on issues of college savings to make it more accessible for low-income families,” she explains. Now, she’s looking forward to this new opportunity to serve the public.
“I think what I like about working in the public sector is that there is the opportunity to get involved in things that have the ability to be transformative in nature,” says Williams. “If done right and if the proper stake holders put together their collective energy and wisdom, then you have an ability to make a real impact.”
Source: Jacqueline Williams
Writer: Joe Baur

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