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MAR Systems finds faster, cheaper, better way to strip bad stuff out of water

The presence of mercury, as well as other heavy metals, in our drinking water can lead to serious physical injury over time. Fortunately, new regulations are strictly limiting the quantities of these metals that companies can discharge into waterways. And fortunately for MAR Systems, the Cleveland-based enterprise has developed a "faster, cheaper and greener" way to strip these contaminants from water.

Made from highly engineered but readily available materials, Sorbster is a granular media that removes heavy metals from any aqueous stream. As water percolates through the substance, mercury, arsenic and other metals chemically bond with the media, making conventional disposal safe, explains Melissa Hayes, business development manager.

"Because our product is extremely fast-acting, it requires a smaller footprint," adds Hayes. "And because it is so inexpensive and easy to use, it helps companies solve the conflict between industry and the environment."

MAR Systems, which was founded in 2008, is benefitting not only from more stringent drinking water standards, but also new testing procedures. "Mercury was always a difficult thing to measure in water," notes Hayes. "And if you can't measure it, you don't have to treat it. Now companies have to address mercury discharge."

The product is manufactured at the company's Solon lab, which will be in full commercial production sometime this year. At present, MAR Systems employs eight people, but that number is likely to jump to 15 by year's end. Hayes estimates that within a few years, the company will climb to 50 employees.

Source: Melissa Hayes, MAR Systems
Writer: Douglas Trattner

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