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Eluminator fills LED safety niche

Eluminator LLP started in 2002 to help a law-enforcement sales company develop a high-intensity LED light. When the sales company ran into financial difficulty, Eluminator decided to go it alone. 

Since then the Mansfield-based company has forged ahead with a product designed to improve safety on school buses and other vehicles. 

The light, which went to market in 2003, was originally used on speed trailers. Sold to law enforcement, it was shown to reduce the number of rear-end collisions and so-called "pass-bys" when used as an auxiliary stop light on school buses.

"Most pass-bys are caused by people not paying attention. You can see this white light miles away when it's flashing. In testing, in Alabama, the light reduced passbys from the front of the bus by 52 percent," says Cliff Broeder, company president.

"Ninety percent of the light's energy is concentrated in only 15 degrees, seven and a half degrees on either side of the center point," Broeder explains.

Other applications for the device include golf carts and railroad signals (where limited battery drain, extended use and extreme brightness are required), industrial and building lighting, and others. The company also makes brake lights and directional signal lights.

Eluminator, LLP is a Braintree Incubator tenant.

Source: Cliff Broeder, President, Eluminator, LLP
Writer: Patrick G. Mahoney

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