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CTS forges ahead with innovative, biobased resins

Composite Technical Services is among innovative U.S. companies that aspire to create an environmental and economically sustainable future.

The company, founded by CEO Enrico Ferri in 2009, is built on technology licensed from partner Cimtech labs, SEPMA and VEM in Italy. It develops bio-based resins, flame retardants, composite gas cylinders and filament winding machines for commercial use.

CTS has seven employees and one intern. They are hiring two new employees and a second summer intern, Talentino said. The company is located in the National Composite Center in Kettering, near Dayton. In 2010, the company received a $25,000 tech grant from the Dayton Development Coalition.

Composite Technical Service's first product line is ExaPhen, a resin that comes from cashew nut shells that can be used in a wide range of applications, from plastics, epoxy hardeners to adhesives and coatings. A second product line, Nanofire, is a line of liquid flame retardant additives that is targeting at the PVC industry.

"We extract the liquid from a cashew nut shell and that liquid gets purified and synthesized into a number of different products. It is like petroleum in that it has the high performance and variety to be used in a number of industries but with the added benefit that Mother Nature already engineered, the phenolic structure that makes the product inherently flame resistant. We are continually looking for other sources," said company Business Development Director Debra Talentino.

The company, which is heavy into research in development, is seeking out other natural sources that industry creates by-products or "waste" to raw materials that can be turned into products for everyday use.

Source: Debra Talentino, Composite Technical Services
Writer: Feoshia Henderson

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