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Accupoint Software introduces new features for ISO compliance

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The International Standards Organization (ISO) specifies detailed quality management systems that help organizations meet customer and stakeholder needs, as well as rigorous regulatory requirements pertaining to various products. Companies and organizations that pursue ISO certification must complete and maintain these demanding requirements.

Obtaining certification is a lengthy, complex and exacting process, according to Jeff Cianciola, president of Youngstown’s Accupoint Software.
The company recently introduced new features to its InterLink software to help companies with ISO compliance.

“InterLink helps companies manage and administer the tremendous amount of documentation, policies, procedures and instructions required to meet the various ISO standards,” he explains. “Our system takes an integrated approach to managing the health and safety, environmental and quality requirements for ISO certification.”

According to Cianciola, a new calendar is among the software’s updated features. “It allows for integration of audit and training schedules, permits, meetings, projects and management review modules. We also have a new email function, expanded report creation capabilities, drill-down metrics dashboard and a new change control module to track document process modification.” He points out that InterLink is Cloud based, so all of a company’s team members can access it from anywhere.

Accupoint’s target client areas are manufacturing, oil and gas, construction, mining and industrial service organizations.

Cianciola notes examples of ISO requirements in the manufacturing industry. “In the area of document control, manufacturers are required to use the most up-to-date blue prints for a project. Also, if a problem is discovered in any area, there are specific processes to follow to make sure it’s addressed promptly and corrective action is taken so it doesn’t happen again.”
Accupoint Software, which was established in 2007, has six employees and plans to expand by the end of the year.
Source:  Jeff Cianciola, Accupoint Software
Writer:    Lynne Meyer
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