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Eartha Limited

371 Maier Place, Bay 15
Columbus, OH 43215

Michael Minnix of Eartha Limited

When did you found your first business?
Eartha Limited was founded in 2009.
Did you consider yourself an entrepreneur before starting your business?

No, I did not. Before starting Eartha Limited (earthalimited.com), I was just finding myself as a young man. My interests varied across so many different fields of study that choosing one concentration was a very scary thought. I have always considered myself a leader and problem solver. Using these skills in the business world has just recently earned me the title of entrepreneur.   

Where did you find your first employee?

I had met my first employee multiple times at various environmentally focused functions across the city. We became friends as we discussed the different possibilities in the field of sustainability. Our enthusiasm was mutual, but our skill sets differed; I knew from the start we would be the beginnings of a good team.  

What has contributed most to your growth?

I look at this as a two part question. I’ve experienced personal growth along with the growth of my business.  
The personal growth has come from my renewed willingness to learn and listen. I respect this situation and want to become my best.  The biggest factors contributing to business growth have been our passion and vision. We are not thinking about what is next, but what follows.      

What companies or founder do you admire and why?
To control my opportunity to be great, I needed to become a master in the study of others. 
My first great mentor in social entrepreneurism is Benjamin Franklin. He was a great businessman among many things, but he spoke frequently on the virtues of doing good within the community. Through hard work and creativity he grew from an uneducated apprentice to one of the greatest figures in world history. In my opinion he is the ultimate founder. 

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