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Workforce Transition : Featured Stories

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Ohio's rural biz incubators thrive with best practices, clear results

Ohio is home to a host of smaller and rural business incubators. Despite dispersed populations and limited local markets, many are getting results similar to their urban counterparts--on much tighter budgets.

Cincinnati's path to fostering entrepreneurship

hiVelocity examines how Cincinnati can make the most of its strengths and capitalize on the diversity of the city's entrepreneurial ecosystem.

Ohio: 5,000 interns and counting

Ohio's internship programs fight young adult brain drain by preparing ready-made talent for employers and give budding professionals a solid path to success.

Ohio's R & D frontier spawns jobs, innovation and visibility

Providing funds to explore a cutting edge food processing technique, establish a national 3D printing innovation hub and attract a Global Technical Center are just some of the ways Ohio Third Frontier’s Industrial Research Development Center Program supports public-private collaboration in order to spawn innovation and create jobs.

three toledo entrepreneurs worth watching

Toledo's tech entrepreneurs say that Northwest Ohio is nourishing startups by offering funding, business support and peer-to-peer collaboration. Can the growing entrepreneurial scene here bring new life to this traditional manufacturing town? Here's a look at three Toledo companies -- Classbag, Netronex and Seed Coworking -- shaking things up in The Glass City.

community colleges play vital role in helping workers advance their skills in a knowledge economy

What if you lost your job and needed to advance your skills to stay competitive in the market? Where would you turn? Increasingly, community colleges offer accessible training options for displaced workers, inexperienced high school grads and seasoned professionals who are looking to earn a professional certification. The cost is affordable, and their role in helping advance Ohio's economy is priceless.

inspired by ohio third frontier, national group relocates offices to lorain county community college

A not-so-quiet revolution is taking place at the Entrepreneurship Innovation Center at Lorain County Community College. The organizations and companies located here are helping to propel Ohio's innovation economy forward. Now its newest tenant, the National Association of Seed and Venture Funds, is launching educational programs and a national conference to build on the momentum.

Cleveland Clinic provides spark for region, plans 1,800 new jobs

The Cleveland Clinic may have hemorrhaged millions of dollars during this recession, but the setback hasn't stopped the prestigious healthcare organization as a regional growth catalyst poised to bring life back into a lagging job market and local economy.

Evergreen Cooperatives focused on creating jobs, money, within communities

"Compared to all the different community development programs we've tried over the years," says India Pierce Lee, Program Director with the Cleveland Foundation, "Evergreen Cooperatives leaves me more optimistic about opportunities for change than anything else I've seen."

Shawnee State's not playing games with focus on interactive tech

The distance between the Ohio River Valley and California's Silicon Valley is getting smaller all the time. That's because Shawnee State University, in Portsmouth the Scioto County riverside town with a neighborhood known as Boneyfiddle and a downtown spot honoring Roy Rogers -- is closing the gap.

Layoff leads to new career at leading-edge nanotech firm

Like many workers in this unstable economy, the year didn't start off well for Matt Garver. But thanks to his expertise, a burgeoning technology and a helping hand from the state, his prospects for 2009 brightened. So did his career.

This lion eats rice hulls for breakfast -- or anytime, for that matter

One man's waste is another man's synthetic natural gas. And a dismal economy for one company is another's opportunity.

Love where you live, love where you work

Times have changed in the work world. And for young professionals today, especially those with families, it's just as important to love where you live as it is to love where you work.

Video: Solar industry shapes Toledo, Ohio economy

Ohio's economic transition means new jobs in advanced and alternative energy. See how the solar industry is making a difference in shaping the economies of the Toledo region and the entire state of Ohio -- and how some Ohio workers are transitioning to new opportunities within this new environment. 

Laid-off automotive worker wins second chance at Renegade Materials

Hooked on automotives since high school, Chris Hocker had established himself as a go-to guy in a job building engine fuel deck assemblies for GM trucks and vans. Then, his dream evaporated like the exhaust from a Chevy Blazer.
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