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brewing up a business: from homebrewer to microbrewer

Cleveland is nationally known as a brewing mecca. While established breweries like Great Lakes and Buckeye Brewing continue to expand, smaller startups are popping up in their shadows. Nourished by home-brewing clubs and finding strong models in Cleveland’s prize-winning breweries, many of these entrepreneurs started by brewing small batches in their basements or garages.

new law opens the door to more craft distilleries

One of the most widely read Fresh Water Cleveland  features was a story on Ohio's burgeoning craft distillery trend. But it wasn't all good news: As it stood at the time of publication, only one permit was allowed in each of Cuyahoga, Franklin and Hamilton counties. What's more, those few permit holders could distill but not sell their wares on-site. A new law eliminates the restrictions on the number of permits while enabling holders to sell their products directly to consumers.

with lorktech, case students poised to enter growing flexible electronics market

How does an incorrect soda price at a retailer lead to an emerging tech company? Just ask Case student Mark Lorkowski, who came up with the idea for an electronic shelf display system while shopping for a case of Mountain Dew. With Lorktech, he hopes to drink up a portion of the $250 billion flexible electronics market.

Shop Green, Shop Cool, Shop Local -- great tech and environmentally friendly gifts from around Ohio

Did you know you could buy Jedi lightsaber candlesticks from an Ohio business? Or maybe a specialty healthy cooking vaccum seal item? Holiday shopping this year can be buy local, buy green and buy great with these sure to please Ohio holiday items.
4 Articles | Page:
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