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Wyandot Inc.

135 Wyandot Ave.
Marion, OH 43302
Nestled within a 250,000-square-foot plant in Marion, Wyandot Inc. is a major player in the snack food industry. Only confidentiality agreements with its customers -- retailers, like grocery stores, and brand-name snack food companies that contract with Wyandot -- have prevented its name from spreading. Hoover and Ava Brown founded the company in 1936 in an old Wyandot County schoolhouse. Today, the company makes nothing under its own name, but cranks out plenty of product for others -- including the tortilla strips found on Southwestern Salads at Wendy's and McDonald's. The company will make about 50 million pounds of snacks this year, almost all of them corn based. Wyandot is still family-owned and currently employs 350. It also has been hiring -- about 30 new employees in 2010 alone.

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