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Via680's CEO Tony DeAscentis points to the company's staple product -- intelliSling -- which he believes will change how people send and receive information over the Web. "Imagine being able to leave a voicemail, with attachments, video and assessments or surveys -- that you can answer whenever you want," DeAscentis says. The software company that started out in 2007 as Bizveo, he says, is "moving intelligence around rapidly -- almost slinging it around." While email does that also, the company sayst emails are not as effective at engaging people and can can become a nuisance. It's that sort of approach that has helped Via680 become something of a media darling, with a recent feature broadcast by the BBC and ongoing national coverage. Health care is still the company's No. 1 business segment, with about 400 customers using Via680's intelliSling, and 10 people employed with the company.

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