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9370 Main St., Suite C
Cincinnati, OH 45242
What's the best mix of activities to drive the most sales? These days, more businesses are asking those questions using The Emerging Marketplace, a web-based technology developed by Cincinnati-based ThinkVine. While the questions are age-old, ThinkVine's technology is leading edge. In fact, according to Chief Executive Officer Damon Ragusa, his company uses SimCity-like game technology to find the answers. Founded in 1999 as an advanced analytics and economic modeling consulting firm, ThinkVine refined tools developed in that business to launch Emerging Marketplace in 2009. The company cites a growing clientele that includes LegalZoom, Hershey's, Del Monte, Novartis, Pepsico, Sunny Delight and Miller Brewing. ThinkVine has steadily increased its employee base and doesn't see that slowing.

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