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STAN Solutions

714 E. Monument Ave. , Suite 117
Dayton, OH 45402
Dayton-based STAN Solutions was launched in 2002 to answer three questions that have dogged militaries for centuries: Where am I? Where are my buddies? And where is the enemy? Today, the answers are coming for the first time using a real-time network using video, data and text -- a system that now allows military personnel in places like Afghanistan and Iraq lessen friendly-fire casualties and civilian deaths. Meanwhile, the company has continued to branch out into new network capabilities and sensor technologies that show promise in both military and civilian applications. STAN currently has the sole licensing rights to a super-camera developed by Israel-based Adaptive Imaging Technologies. STAN is making refinements to the instrument's capabilities to provide 360-degree giga-pixel resolution from 6.5 miles away. The company currently employs about 50, Manuel says, but continues to grow.

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