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425 Metro Place North, Suite 300
Dublin, OH 43017
Dublin-based Neoprobe specializes in the development of diagnostic systems for cancer patients, making gamma detection treatments in tracking cancer more effective. In late 2010, Neoprobe was poised to begin a third clinical study of Lymphoseek®, an injectable radiopharmaceutical used by surgeons as a targeting agent in intra-operative lymphatic mapping (ILM) procedures for diagnosis and treatment of cancer and related diseases. ILM procedures provide useful information to avoid the unnecessary removal of non-cancerous lymph nodes and surrounding tissue. If approved, Lymphoseek® will be the first tracing agent specifically labeled for lymph node detection. Neoprobe was founded in 1983 and is considered a leader in gamma detection systems. In late 2010, the company had 35 employees and expected to add as many as 10 within a year.

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