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Lowbluelights.com/Photonic Developments

7890 Summerset Drive
Walton Hills, OH 44146
Have trouble waking up in the morning or falling asleep at night? Lowbluelights.com has just the product for you. Richard L. Hansler, co-owner of Lowbluelights.com, says the power of blue light came to the fore in 2001 when scientists discovered that the blue part of the spectrum can affect the production of melatonin -- a hormone that helps you sleep. The company was formed in 2005 after Hansler was approached to develop an LED light to treat seasonal affective disorder, or SAD -- a sometimes debilitating bout of winter depression. But blue light also can suppress melatonin, he says, causing a person exposed to the light in the evening to have trouble falling asleep -- just as it can help erase grogginess in the morning. The company sells a host of products to either boost more blue light or filter it out.

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