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Kelly Aerospace Thermal Systems

1625 Lost Nation Road
Willoughby, OH 44094
Ice on your car's windshield is a seasonal nuisance, removed with elbow grease and a plastic scraper. Ice on an airplane is much more serious. Willoughby-based Kelly Aerospace Thermal Systems, helps general aviation and commuter aircraft with the ThermaWing system. The system is lightweight, covers a large surface area and sheds ice fast. All the pilot has to do is activate a switch. The system monitors the outside air temperature and controls itself. A flexible, electrically conductive, graphite foil attached to a wing's leading edge makes an instant temperature rise. The ice melts then goes away due to aerodynamic force. It's quick, and cleaner than liquid de-icing products. Development began around 1999 and took off via a NASA Small Business Innovative Research grant. ThermaWing installations began in 2006.

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