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605 N. High St., Unit #116
Columbus, OH 43215
Born-and-bred Ohioans need no explanation of what cornhole is. Canadian censors, on the other hand, have apparently never heard of the bean bag game. The founders of Columbus-based JUFTi learned that the hard way in August 2009 when they launched Cornhole All-Stars, "the first and only true 3D cornhole game for your iPhone or iPod touch." While the app was published on Apple's App Store worldwide, the Canadian App Store would only list it as "C******e All-Stars." The issue was later resolved. While Canadian downloads remain light, about 60,000 customers elsewhere have purchased the game. Next up? A Garfield the Cat game for iPhone, iPod and Facebook, which JUFTi planned to launch in summer 2010. Formed in 2008, the company employed 10 at the beginning of 2010.

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