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Innotech Products Ltd.

311 Northland Blvd.
Cincinnati, OH 45246
Innotech Products Ltd., of Cincinnati, is known to scores of soldiers and survivalists as the Heater Meals company, but recently has begun offering a self-heating beverage kit. Heat for the drinks and meals is produced when the user mixes salted water with a patented packet of powdered iron and magnesium. The simple exothermic reaction raises the existing temperature of the products around it by 100 degrees within about 10 minutes. Innotech/HeaterMeals was founded in 1990. The largest group of customers are military/government agencies; the earliest and longest-running fans of Heater Meals are truckers. Other buyers: hospitals, and social service agencies that aid homeless and elderly people. The company employs 50 in Hamilton County.

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