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Hyland Software

1255 Euclid Ave.
Cleveland, OH 44115
Packy Hyland visited a bank in Wisconsin in 1991 to learn what kind of records-management technology the bank was looking for. The bank's president asked his opinion of a competitor's product. "I could write it better and cheaper," Hyland told the president while the competitor looked on. The president (not knowing that Hyland had never written a line of code) gave Packy two weeks to come up with what he promised � a better and cheaper solution. Hyland deilvered. Today, Cleveland-based Hyland Software enables a broad spectrum of organizations to become operationally more efficient and effective, using OnBase, the company's enterprise content management product. The Cleveland-based company also has offices around the world and almost 1,000 employees � 750 of them in Northeast Ohio.

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