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CL Solutions

3130 Highland Ave., Third Floor
Cincinnati, OH 45219
In the case of chemical spills -- particularly where solvents used in dry cleaning or as industrial degreasing agents, and fuel spills where hydrocarbons contaminate water or soil -- C L Solutions of Cincinnati is making its name offering one of the smallest and most effective solutions. Founded in 1999 out of a local environmental consultancy, the company is pioneering the use of tiny one-celled microbes to fight contamination. Over millions of years, the naturally occurring microbes have developed the ability to not only survive in contaminated environments, but thrive in them. These microbes leave a clean, reclaimed environment, converting the contaminants into harmless, naturally recyclable by-products. And, they do the job more quickly than conventional methods, the company says. CL Solutions has been responsible for more than 300 clean-ups across the country.

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