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CDO Technologies

5200 Springfield St., Suite 320
Dayton, OH 45431
Today, CDO founder Al Wofford is mentioned among the heavy hitters around west central Ohio. Recently listed among the Dayton Business Journal's regional 10 Most Influential People of the year, Wofford has built a company with 330 employees in Ohio, Illinois, Alabama, Georgia, and Washington, D.C. CDO is one of Dayton's largest minority-owned firms and an IT integrator with numerous clients in defense, government and private industry. One of CDO Technologies' core competencies is in asset visibility and management -- think bar codes and radio frequency identification (RFID) systems -- that track inventory accurately and precisely real time. While asset identification and tracking comprises much of CDO's business, the company can't be easily pigeonholed. CDO is also delving into ways to redesign air space around the country and retrain air traffic controllers.

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