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6610 Hidden Woods Trail
Cleveland, 44143
Algisys focuses on " algal omega-3 oils" and high protein additives that are used for the supplement, food and beverage, pharmaceutical, pet food, and animal feed markets. Algisys has an exclusive global license on the intellectual property and technology created at Virginia Tech by Dr. Zhiyou Wen, its chief science officer, over a 12-year period. Things are moving fast for the company incorporated in July, 2009, with letters of intent from prospective customers and, in late 2010, the Cleveland startup was searching for a site to build its first manufacturing plant. Algisys has received funding from BioEnterprise in Cleveland, the Center for Innovative Food Technology in Toledo, and Tower Wealth Management in Shaker Heights. Algisys has received funds from the Cuyahoga County New Product Development and Entrepreneurship Loan Fund and the National Science Foundation.

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