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Cincinnati, Ohio


Cincinnati, Ohio

Venue Agent

Cincinnati, Ohio

One Exchange Street

Columbus, Ohio

Ecolibrium Solar

Columbus, Ohio


Mansfield, Ohio

Cardiox Corporation

Columbus, Ohio


Leandog is an agile software studio based in Cleveland.

1151 North Marginal Road
Cleveland, Ohio 44114

Milo Biotechnology

Milo Biotechnology is developing novel therapies based on follistatin, a protein that increases muscle mass and strength. Milo is targeting rare neuromuscular diseases, initiating a Phase I/II clinical trial in Becker muscular dystrophy and inclusion body myositis.

11000 Cedar Ave.
Cleveland, Ohio 44106


When someone registers for an eEvent, they’re prompted to share a personal, unique URL across any platform – social media, or email. When someone signs up using their link, they move up in the event ‘Top Ambassador’ leaderboard. Not only is this a fun gaming element that people love, but you can offer relevant incentives as a prize to the person who gets the most people to come while you find out who your top influencers are.

With eEvent, event planners can grow their events organically, sell out events and grow them socially in real-time. eEvent’s time-saving features, turnkey data collection and analytics help planners easily identify their most active guests and successful online promotions to save effort and money in future events.

All the event attendees love eEvent’s simple registration process. eEvent has social media and guests connections built-in, making it easy to network with others and share events with their friends.

1275 Kinnear Road
Columbus, Ohio 43212

Creative Stream Marketing

We partner with B2B, Technology, and Specialty Retail clients and leverage marketing, communication, and creative principles to grow your business. Our core services include:

plus Marketing Consulting and Strategy
plus Brand Messaging
plus Content writing and development
plus Graphic design and creative development
plus Social media marketing
plus Website design and content management systems
plus Trade show and event marketing

P.O. Box 3334
Youngstown , Ohio 44513

Libertas Technologies

Founded in 2001, Libertas Technologies, LLC is an award winning, client-focused firm providing consulting services and software solutions for business. Our consultants have more than 50 years of combined experience and a long track record of success building business solutions, web sites and mobile applications that help our clients save and/or make money.

708 Walnut Street, Suite 400
Cincinnati, Ohio 45202

Design Flux Technologies, LLC

Design Flux Tehcnologies, LLC is a spin-out company from the University of Akron. The co-founders, both students at the University, began research in battery management a number of years ago under the guidance of Dr. Tom T. Hartley - recognized specialist in battery dynamics, modeling, and management. Over the past two years the students sought counsil in the business-world to help turn years of research into a product.

The products and services that Design Flux now offers were derived from early prototypes designed for use in electric vehicles. More advanced prototypes were customized to the fit a solar-powered application, at which time maximum power point tracking techniques were added to the product.

Design Flux Technologies LLC is located in Akron, Ohio, and works closely with the following organizations:

  • The University of Akron Research Foundation
  • Jumpstart Inc.
Design Flux Technologies LLC seeks to form strategic partnerships with industry representatives to become the market leader in the design and development of Energy Storage Management Systems for OEM’s in the alternative energy industry.

The University of Akron
Akron, Ohio 44325

58 entrepreneurial programs Companies | Page: | Show All
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