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Go Big helps companies get big investments

When entrepreneurs go in search of capital, a common mantra is "go big or go home." One company, based in Santa Monica, Calif., and suburban Columbus, is helping them do just that -- find the funding to launch their businesses.

Go BIG Network, which has offices in Powell, is an online service that help connects people with ideas with that funding. Started in 2004 by Wil Schroter, a self-described "serial entrepreneur" with eight start-ups to his name that have generated over $2 billion annually, the service helps its clients navigate the fund-raising process, prepare pitches to prospective investors and even identify its own capital streams.

Its services run from a $59 monthly fee for access to its pool of thousands of those investors to $300 guided searches and consulting to reach the right angel investors, venture capitalists and private investors.

"We have a rolodex of investors that we've worked with and that we know, and we steer our clients to those investors that are the best fit," says Ilya Bodner, Go BIG's senior vice president of business development. "What we do exceptionally well, though, is help people prepare for that 'magic phone call.'"

According to Bodner, that is where most entrepreneurs fail, translating their ideas into a cohesive plan that attract the attention of those investors.

"Thinking you are prepared and actually being prepared are two different things. It leads to a lot of false hope, going into a pitch thinking you have everything lined up, then falling short," he explains.

The website also offers plenty of free information, explaining the investment process, pitfalls to avoid and other tips. It also offers a live chat for quick, one-on-one advice.

According to the company, to date more than 300,000 subscribers have used the service — both investors and those seeking funding -- to spur millions in economic growth.

"All we can say is that it works," says Bodner. "Our track record proves it."

Source: Ilya Bodner, Go BIG Network
Writer: Dave Malaska
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