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Q&A: David Beck helps us sift through CIFT

Since 1995, the Center for Innovative Food Technology (CIFT) has helped companies involved in some of Ohio's largest and most economically significant industries: food production, processing, packaging. But the center's work reaches all across Ohio's agribusiness universe and it seems no part is left untouched, from research, to local food initiatives to advanced energy. David Beck, CIFT's president and CEO, spoke to us about some of the work CIFT is doing.

Q&A: Byrd Polar Research Center's Mosley-Thompson describes center's role at 50

Tucked away on the west side of the Ohio State University campus is the Byrd Polar Research Center -- an international leader in polar and alpine research that is celebrating its 50th anniversary this year. hiVelocity spoke with Director Ellen Mosley-Thompson, who came to OSU on a graduate fellowship and never left. A professor of geography, leading expert in ice core paleoclimatology and frequent flyer to Antarctica and Greenland, her responsibilities include caring for 7,000 ice cores stored at 30-below in the bowels of Scott Hall.

Who's snagging the young professionals? These folks are

Thanks to work done by folks like Richard Florida and Rebecca Ryan, cities are more aware than ever that the key to economic prosperity lies in attracting and retaining young professionals. Not only that, by reading their books The Rise of the Creative Class and Live First, Work Second, respectively we can pinpoint the factors that go into a young person's choice of city. All across Ohio, highly motivated organizations are relying on that data in an attempt to meet the needs of those coveted YPs, or young professionals.

Four year's later, Columbus' Tech Corridor powers on with new approach

Four years ago, a grand plan was rolled out for the "315 Research and Technology Corridor," one that envisioned coordinated, concentrated development of high-tech industry in an area roughly along Columbus's I-315. Since then, development has taken another course -- one that shows that the vision, if not the original game plan, is still alive.

Tiny Israel taking big strides in Buckeye State

Israel boasts the highest number of start-ups per capita in the world. Ohio wants to be a second home to some of these businesses as they build their worldwide markets. Thanks to the aggressive efforts of business developers across the state, Ohio has become one of the most successful states in attracting investment from Israeli companies.

Hackerspaces give tinkerers room to work out 'next big thing'

Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates once said his biggest competitive fear was "someone in a garage who is devising something completely new." Now, across Ohio, collective tinkering is taking place in hackerspaces -- for all practical purposes, modern, uber-garages where trained engineers, tech enthusiasts retirees and casual DIYers, work on what could be the "Next Big Thing."

GE Aviation project highlights company-community partnership

Decades after Orville Wright helped dedicate a facility that grew to become GE Aviation's headquarters in Evendale, the complex is poised for a transformation that will bring its work environment in line with the today's globally competitive landscape.

Ohio's young entrepreneurs prove age no barrier

These days, some of the biggest ideas are coming from the youngest of minds. College students and recent graduates across Ohio are combining bold ideas with bold action, fueling the state's transformation one job at a time. hiVelocity caught up with a few of the young entrepreneurs who are making a mark on Ohio.

Q&A: Ohio Sea Grant's Jeffrey Reutter explains the economic importance of Lake Erie

Ohio has a monumental stake in what happens to Lake Erie. Invasive species, algal blooms, chemical runoff and climate change all have the potential to stagger the economic engine that generates thousands of Ohio jobs. Since 1978, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration has turned to Ohio State University -- which operates one of 30 Sea Grant College Programs around the country -- for some of the answers to Erie's most pressing problems. hiVelocity asked Program Director Dr. Jeffrey M. Reutter about the role the OSU Sea Grant Program plays in Ohio's economy.

Ohio's creative design reputation finally catching up with its legacy

For years, Ohio has been a quiet powerhouse in the worlds of industrial design, architecture, communications design and brand marketing. Problem was, few people outside the state noticed. No more. The Buckeye state's reputation, particularly along the I-71 corridor from Cleveland to Cincinnati, is charging to the forefront.

Video: Buckeye Bullet 2 breaks land speed record

The Venturi Buckeye Bullet 2 is a hydrogen fuel cell-powered vehicle designed to break the land speed record for electric vehicles. In September, the car -- designed and built by Ohio State University students working at the OSU Center for Automotive Research -- did just that, surpassing 300 mph. Watch how the run unfolded.

OSU and its partners pioneer hybrid power conversion with 900 jobs in mind

There's a high-stakes race on in the electric vehicle arena, and an Ohio State University-based collaborative plans to lead the way -- at least in the commercial vehicle market.
27 Articles | Page: | Show All
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